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Womens Sugar Skull Leggings

Womens Sugar Skull Leggings

Giá thông thường $113.07 AUD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $113.07 AUD
Giảm giá Đã bán hết

These are our most popular Womens Sugar Skull Leggings! This is a wildly popular design that mixes wonderful colors and skull designs to create a truly wonderful leg fashion creation. Your legs will come alive in a way that only these leggings can give. They are fun for a year round fashion piece and amazing for special Holidays like Halloween, parties or simply casual evenings.

Any way you decide to dress them up, you will love the look, style and feel of our Womens Sugar Skull Leggings.

These premium full length women's leggings offers the perfect combination of performance and comfort.

Crafted from a high performance fabric blend ( 82% Polyester + 18% Spandex ) that has a medium hold waistband for ultra comfort and feels flattering against the skin. Super durable soft fabric has a enhancing four way stretch to allow the legging to hug and move with the body.

It is moisture wicking, fully breathable and quick drying.

Main Benefits:

✅ PRECISION CUT, SEWN, and PRINTED in USA/Mexico. We strive for quality and comfort. 

✅ SUPER DETAILED GRAPHIC DESIGNING - All our adult leggings and capris are colorful, unique and top rated print designs. No one else will ever have the same outfit as you.

✅ NO SEE THROUGH - ALL our woman's leggings and capris are deep squat proof. They are Squats Approved!

✅ FOUR-WAY STRETCH - Fabric stretches, flex and recovers both on the cross and lengthwise grains.

✅ MICROFIBER YARN - Super smooth, light and comfortable. Quickly pull sweat away from your body to help you stay cool and dry when hot, yet warm when you're cold. Breathable material to help ease the unpleasant smell of a hard workout.

✅ EXCELLENT FIT - Designed to fit tightly to your body, our fabric blend allows you a wide range of motion. Nothing but the right level of compression, no restriction on movement. True to size.

✅ 82% Polyester + 18% Spandex

These active leggings are perfect for the following athletic sports / exercise:

▶ Surfing and Body Boarding 

▶ Wakeboarding and Kite Surf 

▶ Stand Up Paddle Boarding 

▶ BJJ ( Brazilian JuiJitsu ) 

▶ MMA 

▶ Judo 

▶ Crossfit 

▶ Running / Jogging 

▶ Rockclimbing 

▶ Gym / Workouts / Yoga / Pilates / Dance 

▶ Everyday Casual Wear - Athleisure 

The leggings are bound to become your favorite stylish workout pants! They make a great trendy addition to your work out wardrobe.

Turn heads at the gym or wherever you go.

Get yours Today!


✅ All our women's printed leggings are made in USA/Mexico. We strive for high quality and comfort.

➡️ If you're between sizes we recommend a size up. (Please refer to the last image for the sizing guide).

Female Model is wearing size XS. 5'7", 24" waist, 34" hip, 31.5" bust.

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