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ALTHY PRE-AUTO2 Automatic Flushing Backwash Prefilter Spin Down Sediment Water Filter Central Whole House Purifier System

ALTHY PRE-AUTO2 Automatic Flushing Backwash Prefilter Spin Down Sediment Water Filter Central Whole House Purifier System

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Solve Your Home's Sediment Problem with ALTHY PRE-AUTO2

The ALTHY PRE-AUTO2 Automatic Flushing Backwash Prefilter is a whole house purification system designed to provide clean, filtered water and promote healthy living. It features first defense of whole house filtration, ultrafiltration water filter, full-automatic pre-filter, spin down sediment water filter, and municipal water. The white water-based ink water filter system comes with flexible installation options for maximum convenience.


Are you tired of seeing sediment in your home's water system? Whether you're dealing with rust, sand, or other particles, the ALTHY PRE-AUTO2 automatic flushing backwash prefilter can help. This innovative spin down sediment water filter is designed to remove impurities from your water before they can cause any problems.


The ALTHY PRE-AUTO2 is a central whole house purifier system that connects to your home's water supply. It's an automatic flushing backwash prefilter, which means that it's capable of cleaning itself without any effort on your part. The filter is equipped with a powerful motor that spins the filter element, dislodging any sediment that may have collected on it. The sediment is then flushed out of the system, leaving you with clean, clear water.


The ALTHY PRE-AUTO2 is simple to install and easy to maintain. It's designed to last for years, and replacement filter elements are readily available. This system is a cost-effective way to ensure that your home's water supply is clean and safe for you and your family to use.


With the ALTHY PRE-AUTO2 automatic flushing backwash prefilter, you can enjoy fresh, clean water every time you turn on the tap. Say goodbye to sediment and other impurities for good!


Note: Avoid battery short circuit, if AL-AUTO2 is installed outdoors, please equip with sun visor for waterproof

●【First Defense of Whole House】ALTHY AL-PRE-AUTO2 Whole House Pre-Filter, with a 40-micron pore size stainless steel filter, is designed to prevent particles such as sand, rust, limestone and sand from entering your home.
●【Prolongs Water Facilities' Lifespan】Protect your household plumbing, kitchen and bathroom equipment from particulate impurities in municipal water, which can block water taps, shower nozzles, water heaters, washing machines, RO water purifiers and other water-related equipment.
●【Full-Automatic Backwashing】AL-PRE-AUTO2 pre-filter can work without manual washing. It has an innovative automatic flushing function, which can save you time, while ensuring that your water filter is automatically flushed regularly. You can click the "Settings" button to select 7, 15 or 30 days as the automatic flush interval. If necessary, you can also press the "Flush" button to flush the system immediately. This will eventually prevent the filter from clogging.
●【Monitor Water Pressure】Built-in water pressure gauge, monitoring real-time water pressure at any time, family members can take measures to deal with abnormal water pressure. To ensure the safety of water, general household water pressure range : 0.1MPA-1MPA .
●【Featured Material】 The 40-micron filter mesh is made of 316L SUS stainless steel, and the head of the main body is made of lead-free brass, and the service life is more than several years. The heavy-duty food-grade transparent housing made in Germany does not contain BPA and has passed the water hammer test of 150,000 cycles and the highest pressure test of 1000 psi.
●【Flexible Installation】- The Filter is supplied with G1" Male NPT, G3/4" Female NPT and 3/4" Male NPT. It is suitable for any pipe, Customers only need to buy the corresponding adapter (The threaded adapter is not included in the package, it needs to be purchased separately according to the specifications of the copper/PEX/CPVC water pipe). And it won't affect your existing water pressure levels.


Power battery: three AAA battery (Because logistics does not allow transportation, consumers need to go to the supermarket to buy it)
Water treatment Type: full-automatic Pre-filter
Filter Material: SUS 316L Stainless Steel Mesh
Filter Maintenance: You can click the "Settings" button to select 7, 15 or 30 days as the automatic flush interval. If necessary, you can also press the "Flush" button to flush the system immediately. and replace the filter element every 2-4 years according to the water quality.
Material: Germany made BPA-free housing, lead-free brass, SUS 316L Stainless Steel filter
Suitable for Water Quality : Municipal Water
Flow rate: 5T/h (5000L/h)
Filter Precision: 40μm
Working pressure: 0.1-1.0MPA (1bar-10bar)
Applicable water temperature: 0-40 ° C

Package Includeds:

1 * ALTHY PRE-AUTO2 Prefilter
1 * User's Manual
1 * Special wrench
2 * G1" to G3/4" MNPT Connector
1 * PE Sewage pipe

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